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Liquor Specials in Maryville, Tennessee


Pinnacle Vodka

1.75 Liter SALE


Distilled 5 times for smoothness.


Pinnacle Vodka - Alcohol in Maryville, TN

BOTA Box Wines

3 Liter

Full Case Purchase
Required: 3 Boxes
BOTA Box Wines - Alcohol in Maryville, TN

Jim Beam Signature Craft

12 Year Old Bourbon
750ml Sale $ 34.99

The Best Hidden Gem
in the Store! Aged 12 Years!

Aged 12 Years! Rich Amber Color. Notes of Caramel, Vanilla and Oak. Great for sipping neat or on the rocks.

Jim Beam - Alcohol in Maryville, TN

Livingston Merlot

1.5 Liter

Only 5 Bottles Left

Smooth, Rich Plum and Berry Fruit Flavors that create a round mouthfeel and soft finish

Livingston Merlot - Alcohol in Maryville, TN

Firesteed Pinot Noir

750ml Sale $3.99

Was $12.99

This Oregon Pinot Noir is lively and expressive. Aromas of raspberry,cinnamon,blueberry and flavors of cocoa powder and rainier cherry encourage second sip before flowing into the soft, lingering finish.

Firesteed Pinot Noir - Alcohol in Maryville, TN

Pearly Bay Sparkling

750ml SALE $4.99
Save 30%

This South African sparkling wine is sweet with floral and muscat aromas and fresh zesty finish.

Pearly Bay Sparkling - Alcohol in Maryville, TN